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SF-3022 Ultrasonic Beauty & Body Instrument
● Voltage:100V~240V / 50-60Hz
● Loud Bi-Bi Tone
● INPUT: 24VDC 350mA
● 1MHz/Sec & 1MHz/Sec
● Output Adjustable (Low, Med, Hi)
● Pulse or Continue
● Specification:15Min Timer Control


●An ultrasonic vibration frequency as high 1 MHz emits a delicate massage as deeply as 60mm through the skin, help to accelerate metabolism , revive cells, eliminate waste from skin and help skin and help skin absorption to the nutrition.
●Ultrasonic wave warms up a part of your Body and turn the liquid into vapor to reach deep into the skin.
●Highly effective on wrinkles, dark pores, slackening with micro massage by ultrasonic wave.